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  The Spokane Biplane flyin has been going on now for several years.  There's a great aviation community at Felts Field, and this flyin is their open-house and welcome to the world.  Although the official title is "Biplane Flyin", both modern biplanes and vintage aircraft of all types are welcomed and parked on the display lines.  About 50 aircraft have shown up in past years.


The Spokane flyin is very informal, it is mostly about talking with folks and looking at planes.  There are usually a few vintage cars brought in by the local car clubs, and there's a small grill stand providing burgers.  During the day on Saturday there's a fly-by organized by willing pilots.  The runway is right in front of the flyin parking area so you get a great view.  There's a dinner on Saturday evening, but I've unfortunately never had a chance to stay and attend it.

Accommodations in the Spokane area are easy to come by.  The local folks who organize the flyin are some of the friendliest people around, so it is easy to find a ride.  In a pinch the hotels will come pick you up.  The airport cafe at Felts Field serves a good breakfast.  Coming from Seattle, the Spokane flyin makes for a great day trip.  My advice is to either spend the night or fly back late in the afternoon to avoid the often heavy thermals and turbulence over eastern Washington and the Cascades during midday.

Felts Field is a full service field with two FBOs and a tower, and good approaches.  If you're arriving from the west you have to deal with Spokane Approach to get through the class C airspace, which requires a good radio and transponder.  The Spokane Approach folks are accommodating when possible, though.

Here are photos I've taken at Spokane.