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I've started a new job at One of the projects is effective advertising of job postings.  Since it is in the domain, as an experiment I've decided to host Google AdSense for Content ads on the homepage and other selected pages.

AdSense for Content is a mechanism by which advertisers can target ads by keyword or site, and content providers like me can generate revenue based on a fraction of the clickthru (Cost Per Click, or CPC) or impressions (Cost Per Thousand Impressions, or CPM) that advertisers are paying Google.  The big winner in this scheme is, of course, Google, but I am continually amazed at how effective online advertising can be.  I'm also amazed at the inventory that Google has amassed.

If you're interested in trying AdSense, how about clicking through this referral banner so I can get an additional bounty!

I'll keep updating this page as more trends become evident from ads on the.  Please feel free to send me your opinions on whether the ads add value, are just noise, or are obnoxious.

3/27/06:  With just a vertical text ad on the home page only, in three days I've generated 183 impressions and 7 clickthrus. This rate and the effective CPM of $8.70 are healthy.  So far I've earned $1.92 from hosting the ads.  Google earned $58.98.  Not a bad business model - leach off other people's content to make money.