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History of the Type

There are a lot of books on the Cessna Aircraft Company that include relevant information on the Airmaster.  Click on the links to go to a purchase location.

Cessna, A Master's Expression.  A good all-around history of Clyde Cessna and the Cessna Aircraft Company through the end of World War II.  This book does not cover any post-war history, but it is the most complete reference I've seen on pre-war Cessna history.
Cessna's Golden Age.  A compendium of photographs focusing on the Airmasters, Bobcats and WWII production, and early 120/140s.
The Legend of Cessna.  A more recent publication covering Cessna Aircraft from the beginning though jets.  This book includes color photos and is more of a coffee-table style book than a pure history reference.
Joseph Juptner's Civil Aircraft Series.  I think the Airmaster is in Volume 5.  Juptner has a good summary of the Airmaster line, and there is a picture of N25485 in the article.  Juptner says this photo is a factory builder's photograph.  He was confused - it is actually a modern post-restoration shot from the 70's.  If you look carefully at the photograph you'll notice a red rotating beacon protruding from the lower fuselage just in front of the tailwheel.  This was not standard equipment from the factory in 1940!

Type Clubs

There's no type club for the Airmaster that I'm aware of.  Gar Williams used to run one, but that has lapsed.

For Warner engine support, I'd recommend joining the Fairchild Club, since many Fairchild 24's also used the Warner engine.  The Fairchild Club has an active newsletter and Classified ads.

Engine Parts

Harman Dickerson of Dickerson Aircraft in Columbia, Missouri is the best source for Warner parts that I'm aware of.

Magneto Parts

Many Bendix magneto parts for the VMN7 magneto are available from Radial Engines Limited.  Radial Engines does a significant amount of work on Jacobs engines, which happen to use the same 7-cylinder magneto as the Warner.

The best magneto overhaul shop is Savage Magneto in Oakland, California.  They know VMN7 mags and how to do them right.  Talk to Andy.