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History of the Type

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A very comprehensive history of the Rearwin company ups and downs.  The airplanes are discussed, but there's more emphasis on the personalities and the history than on the technical details of the aircraft.

Type Clubs

The Rearwin Club is operated in conjunction with the Antique Aircraft Association.  Contact the association for more information.

Eric Rearwin, the grandson of one of the namesake Rearwin brothers, also runs a nice Rearwin website at

Engine Parts

The parts that are available for Ken-Royce engines are at the Antique Aircraft Association in Blakesburg, Iowa.

For an engine manual and Ken Royce engine overhaul tips see Vintage Aircraft Engines.

Magneto Parts

The best magneto overhaul shop is Savage Magneto in Hayward, California.  Talk to Al Marcucci.