Rearwin Sportster Road Move
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In July of 2005 I found a new hangar in Auburn, Washington.  This is great, except for the planes that were in non-flyable condition in Everett, Washington, about 35 air miles and 45 road miles away.

Since the thing holding back flying is that the engine is disassembled and undergoing restoration, I decided to move it by road.  Off came the wings, and a small trailer proved sufficient to get the airframe moving. 

Here's the fuselage on the trailer, minus some straps to hold down the wheels.  We ran out of straps during the initial tying-down, but the Home Depot was only a mile away.  The aircraft made it safely to Auburn.

The danger now is that with the wings off it is very tempting to do other "restoration" work, such as stripping and recovering the fuselage and/or wings.  These kind of projects take months or years to finish!  I need to get the wings back onto the aircraft as soon as possible in order to quell these urges.