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Setting Up
Instruction Manual

1936 Custom Cabins

Waco Cabin Airplane Model YQC-6
Powered with Jacobs L-4, 225 H.P. Engine

Waco Cabin Airplane Model ZQC-6
Powered with Jacobs L-5, 285 H.P. Engine

Waco Cabin Airplane Model EQC-6
Powered with Wright R760-E-1, 320 H.P. Engine

The Waco Aircraft Company, Troy, Ohio


General Information

Factory Hours
Transportation Liabilities
Returned Goods

Assembly Instructions

Wing Rigging
Tail Assembly
Gas Tank Fittings
Oleo Shock Strut
Instructions for Filling Strut
Instructions for Dismantling and Assembling Shock Strut
Gasoline System
Care of the Fire Extinguisher
Care of the Airplane
Cleaning the Airplane

Maintenance Schedule

Every Twenty-Five Hours
Every Fifty Hours
Every Two Hundred Hours
Assembly of the Brake Mechanism
Brake System Adjustment
Flap System
Care of the NACA Cowl
Stabilizer Adjustment