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Here's a collection of scanned and re-typed manuals for various antique and sometimes not-so-antique aircraft parts.

First, check out, my companion site which contains many scanned engine manuals.

As I seem to be collecting planes that use Warner Scarab engines, here's a summary of the Warner engines that were built and service manuals for them:

Engine Cylinders Horsepower Manual
Scarab Jr "40" 5 90 Warner Engine Handbook, Third Edition, 1935
Scarab "40" 7 125
Super Scarab "40" 7 145
Super Scarab SS50 & SS50A 7 145 Warner Engine Handbook, Models SS50 and SS50A, First Edition, 1945
Super Scarab 165 7 165 (175 takeoff) Warner Engine Handbook Models 165 and 185, First Edition, 1946
Super Scarab 185 7 185

Here's some random advice on Warners:

As an aside, it is fascinating to watch one of the early Warners such as the 90 HP Scarab Jr. in action.  These engines, as well as most other early aviation radials, have exposed valve gear that hangs out in the breeze.  As a result, when the engine is running slowly at idle, you can see the valve actuation patterns "circling" around the engine.  I recommend the AAA Fly-in in Blakesburg, IA to catch one of these wonderful engines.

As always, use these at your own risk.  If you're looking for manuals, I suggest trying:

  • Type clubs for the aircraft type in question.  The EAA has a list of type club addresses.
  • Find a guru for the type and ask for advice.  Usually there's an informal network of knowledge about antique engines and airplanes, you just have to know who to talk to.
  • The Antique Aircraft Association has a library of some manuals for antique aircraft.
  • Get a current issue of Trade-A-Plane and there are generally several ads for companies that specialize in manuals.
  • I've had good luck dealing with Essco Aircraft, who specializes in aviation manuals.
  • The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum archives has blueprints for many vintage types.  It takes a while and the blueprints are low-quality microfilm, but it is better than nothing.