Warner Engine Handbook

SS-50 and SS-50A Engines

145 HP

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Warner Engine Handbook

Super Scarab SS-50
Super Scarab SS-50A

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Transcribed from a copy of the original manual printed First Edition, August 1945.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  This HTML version of the SS50A manual is not yet complete.  There are more chapters on reassembly that have yet to be scanned.  I don't know when I'm going to get them done.

Here are some practical SS50A operational tips that might be interesting beyond the official manufacturer's instructions in this manual.

The Warner Aircraft Corporation
Detroit, Michigan


Section I - General Specifications and Performance Data

  1. General Specifications
  2. Approved Oils for all Warner Engines
  3. Recommended Lubricants
  4. Sea Level Performance Curve
  5. Full Open Throttle Power Curve
  6. Fuel Consumption Data
  7. Guaranteed Minimum Specific Fuel Consumption

 Section II - General Description

  1. General
  2. Cylinders
  3. Valve Operating Mechanism
  4. Crankshaft
  5. Connecting Rods
  6. Pistons and Piston Pins
  7. Crankcase
  8. Induction System
  9. Gearcase and Oil Screen Assembly
  10. Lubrication System
  11. Ignition System
  12. Carburetor Air Heat Control Valve
  13. Accessories
  14. Testing of Engines in Plant Before Shipment

Section III - Unpacking, Storage and Re-packing Procedures

  1. General
  2. Unpacking
  3. Recommended Procedure For the Preparation of Engines For Storage and Service After Storage
    1. Overnight Storage
    2. Temporary Storage Up To One Week
    3. Temporary Storage One To Eight Weeks
    4. Returning Engines To Service After Temporary Storage
    5. When The Engine Is To Be Placed In Extended Or Dead Storage
    6. To Prepare Engine For Service After Extended Or Dead Storage
  4. Materials Needed For Corrosion Prevention

Section IV - Installation of Engine In Airplane

  1. General
    1. Engine Mount
    2. Fuel Supply
    3. Lubrication System
    4. Ignition System
    5. Cowling
    6. Exhaust Manifolds
    7. Propeller Mounting
  1. Installation of Engine In Airplane
    1. General
    2. Attaching Engine To Airplane Mounting Ring
    3. Connecting Controls and Installation Accessories
    4. Installing Propeller
  2. Removing Engine From Airplane
  3. Ground Test Prior To Flight

Section V - Starting and Normal Operation

  1. General
  2. Pre-Flight
  3. Starting The Engine
  4. Cold Weather Starting
  5. Warm-Up
  6. Taxi
  7. Take-off and Climb
  8. Flight
  9. Landing
  10. Stopping The Engine
  11. Mixture Control Operation
  12. Carburetor Air Heat Control
  13. Run Out On Unleaded Fuel

Section VI - Engine Troubles and Service Repair

  1. Failure of Engine To Start
    1. Inadequate Fuel Supply
    2. Engine Under-Primed or Over-Primed
    3. Mixture Control and Throttle Operation
    4. Defective Ignition
    5. Valve Action
    6. Cold Oil

    7. Hot Engine
    8. Air Leaks In Induction System
    9. Carburetor Flooding
  2. Low Oil Pressure
  3. Low Power
  4. Rough Running
  5. High Oil Temperature
  6. High Cylinder Head Temperature
  7. Carburetor
  8. Magneto

Section VII - Service Inspection and Maintenance

  1. General
  2. Inspection and Maintenance
    1. Daily
    2. 25 Hour
    3. 50 Hour
    4. 100 Hour
  3. Required Tools List

Section VIII - Top Overhaul

  1. General
  2. Cleaning and Preliminary Operation
  3. Disassembly of Parts from the Engine
  4. Inspection
  5. Servicing the Cylinder Assemblies
    1. Rocker Arms
    2. Grinding and Replacing Valves
    3. Cylinders and Heads
    4. Pistons, Piston Pins, and Rings
    5. Installing Piston Rings
    6. Assembling Rings to Four Ring Pistons
    7. Assembling of Pistons to Cylinders
    8. Assembling of Cylinders and Pistons to Engine

Section IX - Dismantling and Disassembly

  1. General
  2. Dismantling Engine Into Sub-Assemblies
    1. Installation on Assembly Stand
    2. Removal of Ignition Wires
    3. Spark Plugs
    4. Removing Cylinder Head and Inter-Cylinder Air Deflectors
    5. Draining Oil Sumps
    6. Removal of Accessories
    7. Removal of Gearcase and Attaching Parts
    8. Removal of Breather Elbow and Tachometer Drive Housing
    9. Removing Idler Gear
    10. Removing Oil Sump
    11. Removal of Cylinders and Pistons
    12. Removal of Carburetor Air Heat Control Valve and Carburetor
    13. Removal of Thrust Cover, Thrust Nut, Oil Slinger, Crankcase Front Section and Bearing Spacer
    14. Removal of Crankshaft and Master Rod Assembly from Crankcase Rear Section
    15. Removal of Crankcase Rear Section from Induction Housing
    16. Removal of Induction Housing from Assembly Stand
  3. Disassembly of Sub-Assemblies
    1. Ignition Cables, Terminals, and Magneto Distributor Blocks
    2. Magneto and Coupling
    3. Magneto Drive
    4. Gearcase
    5. Oil Pump
    6. Oil Sump
    7. Cylinders
    8. Pistons and Pins
    9. Carburetor Heat Control Valves
    10. Thrust Cover
    11. Crankcase Front Section
    12. Crankshaft and Master Rod Assembly
    13. Master Rod and Link Rods
    14. Crankcase Rear Section
    15. Induction Housing
    16. Cam Follower Guide
  4. Cleaning
    1. General Instructions
    2. Cleaning Procedure

Section X - Inspection, Repair and Assembly

  1. General
  2. Inspection
  3. Repair Procedures
  4. Assembly Precautions
  5. Ignition Harness Assembly
  6. Spark Plugs
  7. Magneto Control Rod
  8. Magneto Coupling
  9. Magneto
  10. Magneto Drives
  11. Gearcase Oil Pressure Regulating Valve and Screen
  12. Oil Pump
  13. Assembly of Oil Pump to Gearcase
  14. Oil Sump
  15. Cylinder Assembly
  16. Push Rod Tubes and Intake Pipes
  17. Piston and Piston Pin
  18. Push Rods and Rocker Arm Housing Covers
  19. Thrust Cover and Thrust Nut
  20. Crankcase Front Section
  21. Crankshaft and Coupling
  22. Cam and Magneto Drive Shaft
  23. Master Rod and Link Rods
  24. Assembly of Master Rod and Link Rods to Crankshaft
  25. Crankcase Rear Section, Cam Followers, Cam Follower Guides, Cam Ring and Cam Follower Guide Crabs
  26. Induction Housing, Cam Drive Idler Shaft and Tachometer Drive Shaft
  27. Assembly of Crankcase Front Section And Crankshaft With Master Rod Assembly

Section XI - Final Assembly, Timing and Testing

  1. General
  2. Final Assembly of the Major Sub-Assemblies
    1. Induction Housing
    2. Installing Crankcase Rear Section
    3. Installing Crankcase Front Section, Crankshaft and Connecting Rods
    4. Tightening Thrust Nut
    5. Installing Thrust Cover
    6. Installing Pistons Into Cylinders Prior to Assembly To Crankcase
    7. Installing Cylinders and Pistons to Crankcase
    8. Timing of Valves
    9. Installing Gearcase
    10. Installing Breather
    11. Installing Oil Sump and Tube
    12. Installing Magneto
    13. Timing of the Magnetos
    14. Setting Valve Tappets
    15. Installing Carburetor Air Heat Control Valve
    16. Installing Spark Plugs, Ignition Cables and Attaching Parts
  3. Testing of Engine After Complete Overhaul
  4. Preparation of Engines for Storage

Section XII - Parts List

Section XIII - Table of Limits