Bellanca Engine Overhaul
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  This is the story of my engine overhaul.  I did the overhaul myself with the supervision and assistance of my local IA mechanic, Rob Regan.  I recommend undertaking an overhaul to any owner with a modicum of mechanical interest and a fair amount of time to spend.

The engine in question is a Continental O-470-K engine, but most of what is said here applies to all "modern" flat air-cooled aircraft engines (at least 95% of the world's piston aircraft fleet meets this criteria).

Time for an Overhaul.  Why I overhauled the engine when I did and why a major overhaul instead of a top overhaul.

What Kind of Overhaul?  What options are available for overhauling, and why I decided to perform the overhaul myself.

Options.  What kind of cylinders?  Accessory overhaul?  Customization?

Tools.  You and/or your mechanic are going to need some special tools and supplies.

Disassembly and Cleanup.  Time to get greasy!  Taking it apart.

The Overhauler and Ordering Parts.  Taking the pieces to the overhauler, and coughing up the big bucks for new parts.

Measuring and Assembly.  All the shiny stuff gets put together (and greasy).

Painting and Installation.  I decided to do detail painting, and then the reinstallation on the airplane.

First Flight!

Costs and Analysis.  I had a lot of fun doing the overhaul, but did it really save any money?