Bellanca 14-19-2 Cruisemaster
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The Bellanca Cruisemaster is low wing 4 place monoplane intended for medium-speed cruising flight.  The Cruisemaster is the last of the Bellanca "triple tail" aircraft, and the model 14-19-2 was the last Bellanca taildragger.  The aircraft uses wooden wings and a steel frame fuselage and tail surfaces, all covered with fabric.

The example I own is N7677B, a 1958 model 14-19-2 "230" Cruisemaster.

This plane is a flying aircraft in my collection, and even once restoration is completed on the other aircraft the Bellanca is still likely to be the only reliable aircraft in the fleet.  It is my concession to modernity, but it is still unique amongst post-WWII cruisers.

Photo by Gilles Auillard, Blakesburg 2004

This photo has my 230 in the front and Rob Bach's 190 in the back.  They're nearly identical externally, just different cowlings.  As you can see, the main landing gear sticks out quite a ways even when retracted.  It is good for about 30 MPH off the cruising speed if you don't retract, though.

The engine overhaul is complete!

What does a Cruisemaster fuselage look like naked (without fabric)?