Harlow Engine
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The Harlow originally came from the factory with a Warner 145 HP engine.  These engines are hard to find although the #9 project has a full 145 engine with it.  I'm planning to use a 165 HP engine on my restoration.  The 165 is more flyable since it has pressure-lubricated rocker boxes and valve gear (vs. manual greasing) and the extra HP won't hurt.  I've located a Warner 165 engine core and will be overhauling and assembling this engine for the project.  Here are some photos of the parts, starting with top end parts such as one of the cylinders, intake manifold runners, pushrod tubes, rocker arms, valve covers, a magneto and some of the cam followers.

Cam followers, a link rod, piston pins, cam and timing gears, and pistons.

Accessory drives and bearings:

The front and rear crankcases: