Harlow Firewall Fixups
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The fuselage of my airplane mostly undamaged except for the firewall, which was modified by a previous owner in an effort to put a larger Jacobs engine onto the airframe.  To fit the larger engine, the previous owner cut back the firewall by several inches.

I had Ron Decker, who was also doing restoration work on Harlow #2 in the same shop, restore the firewall and surrounding nose structure and bulkheads to their original condition and location.  This will enable installation of an original Warner engine onto the airplane.  Here's a photo of the firewall restoration in progress as of Mid-October 2004.  Ron drilled out the rivets holding on the old firewall, and is in the process of drilling out each of the old skins in the nose which will be replaced with full-length skins to put the firewall back in its original location.

As of early November 2004, the skins were completely drilled off.  In this photo you can see the underlying bulkheads and stringers completely exposed.  The yoke assembly (with the pulleys and chains) is also exposed.

As of early December 2004, new skins have been cut and are shown here cleco'ed into place.  The stringers, or small darker green strips that run longitudinally down the fuselage, are also going to be replaced or spliced if the original stringers run the length of the fuselage.

In early January 2005, the stringers are being spliced, the skins are trimmed, and the forward bulkhead is fully in place.

As of February 2005, the skins are being riveted, and the new engine mount bearers are primed.  The work is almost done.

As of July 2005 the work is done, with fully riveted structure and a firewall.  I'm leaving the firewall unriveted in order to facilitate easier access to the back of the panel and control systems.  Reaching in from the firewall side will beat being upside down inside of the fuselage.

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