Ryan SC-W
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The most eye-catching plane I fly is a polished 1938 Ryan SC-W.  It can be blinding, in fact.

Ryan SC-W N18914 right profile at Evergreen Field, Vancouver, WA

It is a two-place side-by-side stick-control sport flyer.  The SC stands for "Sport Coupe" powered by a Warner 165 hp engine with wooden propeller.  The canopy slides back for entry and the plane can be flown with the canopy open or closed.  It is an all-metal monocoque fuselage, metal-spar and ribs, and fabric covering on the wing trailing edge and tail surfaces.

Between March of 2004 to February of 2005 Ron Englund, in Cottage Grove, Oregon, built a new cowling for the Ryan.  Click for the project photos.

More Photographs of N18914.