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History of the Type

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The best history is by Ev Cassagneres, The New Ryan.  This book focused mostly on the ST and PT-22 series, but it includes a chapter on the SC.

There are some other books that focus on the early Ryan airplanes:

Ryan Broughams and Their Builders.  A history of the early Ryans and the Ryan-Mahoney company.
The Sprit of St Louis.  Not strictly a Ryan story, but a great read.  The first section of the book discusses the search for an airplane, settling on the Ryan company, and the design and testing of the Spirit of St. Louis.
The Untold Story of the Spirit of St Louis.  Background and in-depth historical research on the building and flying of the Spirit of St. Louis, by Ev Cassagneres.

Type Clubs

There is the International Ryan Club, which mostly focuses on PT-22s, but sometimes has info on other Ryan types.  The club can be contacted at http: editor@ryanclub.org.

For Warner engine support, I'd recommend joining the Fairchild Club, since many Fairchild 24's also used the Warner engine.  The Fairchild Club has an active newsletter and Classified ads.

Engine Parts

Harman Dickerson of Dickerson Aircraft in Columbia, Missouri is the best source for Warner parts that I'm aware of.

Magneto Parts

Many Bendix magneto parts for the VMN7 magneto are available from Radial Engines Limited.  Radial Engines does a significant amount of work on Jacobs engines, which happen to use the same 7-cylinder magneto as the Warner.

The best magneto overhaul shop is Savage Magneto in Hayward, California.  They know VMN7 mags and how to do them right.  Talk to Al Marcucci.


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