Waco YQC-6 Cabin Biplane
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A centerpiece of the Williams derelict fleet is this cabin Waco YQC-6.  It is powered by a Jacobs 225 HP engine and seats 5 (marginally).  This is what the aircraft looks like when it is in flying condition:

Assembled Waco

The aircraft was formerly owned by Wally Olsen of Evergreen Flying Service fame.  It hasn't flown since the 60's and is currently disassembled in storage at Renton.  The wings have taken some damage from what appears to be fabric overtightening, and the trailing edges on the lower wing panels are crushed.

Waco nose profile, disassembled

The interior looks to be largely unmodified, and the aircraft still includes a Lear radio.  Here's the current panel condition.  The radio is on the right side, behind the seat and yoke in this view.

Left side of instrument panel

The Waco is currently #3 on the restoration queue behind the Fairchild and the Stinson.

Things this plane needs:

  • Wing repairs to fix ribs damaged from overtightening.
  • Full fabric job (currently has cotton from 1966).
  • Full instrument and avionics overhaul.
  • Upgrade to a 275 HP Jacobs L5 engine, which will make the plane into a ZQC-6 instead of a YQC-6.  Other than the horsepower, the engine size and mounts are identical.

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