Cockpit Coaming
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Disassembly - 7/22/2000

  • Large #10 sheet metal screws into wooden railing around cockpit frame are primary attachment.
  • Very poor fit of coaming sheet metal.  No rolled edges, no pre-roll of curve, no allowance for curve of airframe requiring shrink of coaming in places.
  • Instrument panel upper edges secured to coaming with screws & nuts.  Should be replaced with nut plates during restoration.  Round headed screws used - original?  Forward panel hanging by lower reinforcement straps.  Not attached at sides.
  • Two panels present.  Rear panel from rear cockpit up to forward cockpit panel + 3", then separate panel for oil tank area.  Folded lip on forward panel covers the rear panel.
  • Firewall attachment with round head #8 screws.
  • Upper cowling brace attached at firewall and forward coaming panel using larger slotted screws and nylocks.  Brace in bad shape - cracked at bend.
  • Fuel tank strap not tight.
  • Seats appear to be difficult to remove without first removing panels and turtledeck.
  • Need to make provision for forward seat shoulder belts.  Rear seat shoulder belt attachment too low - needs higher attachment point.