Fairchild 22 Restoration
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  When I purchased N9484 in the spring of 1999 the aircraft had not been flown for about nine years, and it was used fairly infrequently for many years before that.  Inspection showed that the plane was in ferryable condition but not in continuously airworthy shape.  Further, the last restoration performed on the aircraft was not very comprehensive, or at least the fit-and-finish was of medium to poor quality.

Since I purchased the plane in California, and did not want to ferry a marginal airframe with unknown engine history all the way to Seattle, several friends and I disassembled the aircraft and trucked it to Renton.

Fuselage being disassembled, still on gear. Click for full image.

I have just started a full overhaul on the airframe.  This site holds the restoration log and lots of other information for reassembly and improvements.  Current activity:  Bead blasting the fuselage.