Forward Cockpit
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Disassembly - 7/23/2000

  • Panel only secured by bottom straps and a few screws through coaming.  Not secured on sides at all.  Should have bracket here.
  • Also has overlaid flat panel where shock mounted oval panel used to go.

Disassembly - 7/28/2000

  • Oil temperature tube not removable from gauge.  Runs continuous up to engine where tapped into oil return line from engine.
  • Old-style compression fittings used on static, pitot, and vacuum systems.  Should all be replaced with AN fittings.  Also hardline is questionable.
  • Tachometer cables frayed through in several places where tiewrapped or tied to frame.
  • Oil pressure tube uses compression fittings on instrument panel, although from firewall forward uses AN fittings.  Need bulkhead T on the firewall instead of bogus T + union arrangement formerly used.

Front cockpit view with instrument panel.

Front cockpit minus instrument panel.

Front panel backside detail.

Front panel detail.

Detail view of front instrument panel plumbing.