Trim System
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Disassembly 7/30/2000

  • Trim jackscrew easily removed with two bolts through frame.
  • Cable on the RH side of the jackscrew pulley becomes the upper cable at the wear strip/fairlead on the LH side of the frame.
  • Leather wear strip strapped on the #4 to #5 bulkhead cross brace.
  • Jackscrew trim cable on the inner wheel of rear cabin trim pulley.
  • Outer rim of forward cockpit trim wheel interferes with fuel selector shaft.
  • Fairlead used on forward cockpit trim cable.  Fairlead attach point welded to fuselage.
  • Forward trim cable threaded within frame supports for fuselage longeron support.  The support is cut and a slider tube screwed into place allowing removal of cable.
  • See comments in rear cockpit page on throttle/trim assembly.

Jackscrew detail.

Jackscrew detail looking forward

Trim cable fairlead/wear strip and chafe strip on LH fuselage.