Horizontal Stabilizer
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Disassembly - 6/4/2000

Before fabric stripping

  • Drain grommets every bay, outer side of rib
  • Rib stitch spacing as on elevator.
  • Hardware - AN970 washers on lower side of through-bolts supporting flying wires.  Steel fittings used for the flying wires.
  • Phenolic wear block for trim jackscrew guide.  Oriented lower side forward attach point, open end facing rearward.  Nylock nuts used on screws holding the block.

After fabric removal

  • Trailing edge contained balsa wood strips to close hstab to elevator gap.  Strips contoured to match tube and provide cutouts for inserting elevator hinge bolts.
  • Strips secured to hstab using 1" fabric tapes wrapped around tubing and wood.  The tape removed appears to be very old cotton.  Also scotch tape was present, probably from the last cover job.  The scotch tape did not hold up.
  • Removed wooden strips labeled by location - extensive rot present and some formers partially disintegrated.
  • Some surface rust present on hstab tubes where wood strips covered the tubing.  Needs blasting to remove and assess damage.