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  Welcome to my virtual museum of vintage aircraft.

Vintage Photo Album

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Beech D17S Staggerwing
An indexed and searchable collection of several hundred photographs of vintage aircraft.  Click for details of your randomly selected photo.

The Williams Vintage Aircraft Collection

My collection of flying and semi-derelict airplanes (aka projects), including a Ryan Sport Coupe, a Bellanca, a pre-WWII Cessna Airmaster, a Rearwin Sportster, a Fairchild 22, a St. Louis Cardinal, a Kinner Sportster, a Harlow PJC-2, and a Waco cabin biplane.

November 2005:  I've sold my old Stinson V-77, which is the first airplane I've sold, and acquired a St. Louis Cardinal, which is now the oldest plane in the collection.

September 2005:  The Harlow project is now in Seattle, and the Rearwin road moved to Auburn.

June 2005:  Check out the final Ryan new cowling pictures.

The Logbook

Stories, Museum reviews, and Ramblings.

January 2006:  Great trip reports from Martin Robinson of flying to and across France in a Yak 18.


A collection of scanned and retyped manuals for antique engines and aircraft.  Also includes real-world operational tips where available.


Here's a calendar for 2006 fly-ins, and some tips.

Last updated 9/9/2006.  About this siterw_flyer@hotmail.com.

As an experiment I've added Google ads to the homepage and a few other selected pages.  I'm playing with Google AdWords for my work at Jobster.com, and I am interested in seeing how many impressions and clicks this site will generate.  More details.

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See also my companion Vintage Aircraft Engines site for in-depth information and manuals about small civil aircraft engines of the 1930s.